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Re: categorization, publicity

The number of projects is still very low. So i guess it makes no sense to categorize them yet. However, for future purposes this might be of interest.

I agree on your second point (publicity).
It would be very nice to have a common place to store documents/papers. The question is: which format does everybody use? We could have a 'online-system', a 'html-upload-system' or a combination of both. But there are several other formats like tex, ascii or docbook (which i prefer for example).

To Alex: How about a vote on this?

4 posts.
Thursday 08 August, 00:57
An AI playground?

What I (as new reader and AI programmer) think would be very useful, is a sort of AI playground. Basically, it should be a world where you can put in whatever you want.

I think it would be great if (beginning) AI programmers can try out various techniques without having to create lots of code to make something visible on screen 'n stuff...

Example: Code (or use open source material) a unit using a finite state machine which needs to survive by eating and sleeping. You place some food somewhere and just let the unit run around "The playground" looking for food.

But it should also be possible to create a neural network for finding the enemy, or whatever.

People should not be bothered with creating loads of graphics/sound code, but have an engine where they can easily put systems in for trying out AI stuff...

9 posts.
Wednesday 28 August, 10:45

How about using OpenOffice file specs as standard file format? They seem to have a great future ahead and will be usable on a vast basis of computer platforms.

If you don't know about OpenOffice, here's the project check www.openoffice.org

6 posts.
Monday 09 September, 14:35
Open office

OpenOffice definately has to be developed further before I really start using it!

Due to the fact that I have no MS word license at work (yet), I decided to type my document in OpenOffice writer. After a few days I wanted to save the document (obviously, saved in between as well): It crashed, and made me not only lose the changes of that day. I lost the *entire* document! So if you are going to use openoffice; beware!

9 posts.
Tuesday 24 September, 05:51
Free software bugs

Have you reported the bug to the OpenOffice developers? Free software really needs help from everybody in the community to drive on.

BTW I've been using OpenOffice for months and not once had I such problem. But hey, each PC machine is different.

28 posts.
Tuesday 24 September, 08:12
If I could give an info

Hello it is always great to have a look here,

I think I may bring some informations on some points
discussed here.

* I'm in the process of making an AI framework and I have
a validated project on Sourceforge.
When reading your posts, I can say that for me, it will be really
interesting to have the same tools in a place that is able to
give some more accurate help.Because,(tell me if I'm wrong) this
would be an AI forge, there will be the good people in the good place.

* I'm also agree with sweex about "small" project without a wonderfull FPS video (That's what I'm aiming at).But is it the good question as it depend almost on those whom manage their project ? not the foundry.I hope so.

* Another main interest I would look for is a "auto-link" between projects of the same kind (with same cat. ).

* What about a clear(simple) projects subects map, it's always difficult to navigate between projects subjects at SF, you could say that there is not too many projects to have this constraint, why not use it as a good start instead ?
You would be able to know what you look for with a litle graph : NN GA KB, etc, in the leaf of that tree would be some global projects infos you would click on and enter the area of your interest.

* For docs, I tried some months the Star Office version and its open version . I can say that it's really "light" for some fonctionnalities, and it surely had evolved since I left it.

What about deciding the data format first? what about one that is software independant like XML ? it s even possible to have an AI depot software with its own Schema and style sheet to give all the docs the same aspects, structures avoiding them to be too much "exotic" , sometimes unclear. Do you need to have macros, word spelling, insert theme, etc ??
And with it,you are also are platform compatible, have the final format of your choice, HTML, TxT, PDF,etc.

* What would be the versionning tools ?

Hope that make sense,

5 posts.
Tuesday 18 February, 11:34

I'm surprised that you've had much of a problem with openoffice.
I started using it recently and the only big differences I've noticed between it and MS Word 2000 are that it's easier to understand how the document works (image anchors etc.) and the file sizes are about a third as big. I haven't had a crash yet.

4 posts.
Thursday 01 May, 11:45

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