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Learn how to create smart creatures in computer games that learn and react to their environment. Neural networks, genetic algorithms, reinforcement learning and more!
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I don't quite understand

Im really kinda new to programming im still young (21) but i did do some programming in high school and the cash flow doesn't allow me to buy languages but i have insomnia have for 3 years now and have already done some pretty interesting things late at night and AI has always interested me and ive started to create some things in my mind relating to AI programming the whole thing i gotta figure it out now is how to transfer it from my mind to code. I mean I have figured out ways and algorithms from what base i know to program an AI to experience pain and fear and emotion its kinda all cluttered together i just have to sit down one day and break it all down piece by piece but I don't think i have the knowledge to do that right now with my ignorance in programming but one thing i would like to know if you have any ideas that could help me out as in what languages are best any good books to read and such. And ill be glad to sit down and chat with you about this once i start learning how to transfer it from thought to code.

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Tuesday 25 June, 02:30

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